When looking for a greater Baton Rouge area concrete company , look no further. Our experience in Louisiana isn’t comparable to anything else in the area. When it comes to your slabs, paving, concrete structures, and concrete decorations we have the artful eye to match the professionalism. We also do commercial and industrial work.

Our Services
Our services that we offer cover the full spectrum of concrete needs whether you are in Baton Rouge, Zachary, Central, Denham Springs, Walker, Gonzales or West Baton Rouge Parish. When you are looking for a company with superiors’ concrete knowledge looking at what they have to offer is a telling sign.  We have stamped concrete patios, concrete repairs, concrete patios, concrete driveways, concrete crack repairs, stained concrete patio, concrete contractors and cement contractors.  We specialize in concrete countertops, concrete stain, concrete sealer, concrete paint, and concrete mix. Furthermore we also always have concrete mixers.

About Us
We had worked in construction pouring and mixing concrete. It was a great basis for learning more about concrete in this industry. We began to learn all the other ways that you can use concrete. It was from here that we sought out certifications and more education about slabs, foundation and paving.


The Concrete Company Baton Rouge

Our Company uses a Concrete Calculator to provide you with an accurate estimate.

Getting Started/ Concrete Calculator

The first step to starting is figuring out what you want and going with it.  Whether your are building a new house or repaving an old driveway to fund the project it is essential everyone knows and understands the expenses. We also want our clients total understanding of the cost. It is essential that when beginning a project everything is transparent for the contractors and the clients. When you know and have a plan we can use our concrete calculator to estimate the amount of concrete you will need and the cost by cubic meter.

Our Concrete Slabs provide a quality base for your project.


Slabs of concrete are a special art because they are one continuous piece of concrete and the last think you want is for it to get a crack when setting.  Slabs are used for many things. A slab of concrete can be biggest piece of concrete for a foundation of a house. A slab can also be the basis of a driveway.

We remove old concrete when needed to provide you with a smooth driveway or sidewalk.


When it comes to paving a road or a driveway you want it done neatly so it looks professional.  We have experts in concrete paving and we are able to concrete paving smoothly. With our concrete paving as your sidewalk, road, or driveway you will get a smooth finish that any wheel or foot will highly appreciate.

We can also provide smooth, decorative or aggregate paving for your patio.   Having your outdoor space finished in a way that is practical, durable and attractive will make it even more fun to have your Baton Rouge friends over for a meal or drinks.  Our concrete company can work will you to make your project a success.

“well we got this new property. The location was beautiful and there was a small old house on it that we would be tearing down. But to get there and build the land was way rougher than we realized and the road out to the property and the little house was really rough. We knew we would need it smoothed over. My husband suggested getting it paved. That was when our neighbors were talking about the concrete company. We couldn’t believe how well priced they were. They paved the little road and when it came time for our big renos, they also did a beautiful job stamping our patio.” Madeline P.

We ensure smooth, finished concrete, always on grade.

“We just needed a regular slab to get the foundation down. I can’t believe how hard it is to get good reliable workers nowadays. Our friends told us they used that company in Baton rouge so we went with them. They were great. Really saved the day!” Randy B.

Quality preparation of your poured concrete will make your outdoor kitchen beautiful and functional.

Our reinforced slabs are top quality.

“My son’s school didn’t have a proper wheelchair ramp. The one they did have had a big crack in the slab that a wheel couldn’t get over. The first excuse was that they didn’t have any students that needed it. But then a new student started and it was their mother who was in a wheelchair. It was before a school play put on by the students that this issue became apparent. I was almost in disbelief when I heard that. The parents got together and petitioned for one. When we had the funding we just needed the contractors. I googled contractor company near me and The Concrete Company Baton Rouge popped up. They were professional and worked really fast. The job they did was great. Now the kids have this beautiful ramp.” Judy R.


When it comes to structural concrete foundations we are the professionals. If you are starting a building and need the base foundation filled in concrete is the material you are most likely going to use. We are the concrete pros we can do this for you with all our experience backing us. With educational backgrounds in engineering and construction our contractors are the ones to help you with your structural work.

Structural foundation work built right from the bottom up.


Often when people think of concrete they think of a plain gray mass of hard floor. However you can be a lot more creative with concrete then that. With concrete stamping you can imprint various designs into freshly laid down concrete. When stamping concrete you can imitate the more expensive material of rock stone or brick. With our professionalism and artistic eye we can do this expertly.

We will work with to bring your decorative or stamped concrete ideas to life.

Commercial & Industrial

For commercial and industrial concrete we cover both industries with a lot of services. We have worked in schools, places of worship and large residential buildings that are also offices. In these locations we have provided footings, parking lots, loading docks, steps, handicap ramps, and small foundations. When we do these services we do them with a great expertise.

We have the tools and equipment to get your job done.

Get In Touch

All of us here at The Concrete Company Baton Rouge firmly believe that communication between clients and contractors is a high priority. When we work together and are on the same page everyone gets the best results. This is why we highly encourage any of our clients or potential clients to call us and contact us anytime they have a question. When you call our shop at the number provided on the web page one our well-informed contractors will answer the call and help you with your concerns. If they are not able they redirect you right away to someone who can.