About Our Company

Stamped, scored or stained, your concrete driveway can look truly elegant.

We worked in construction and that was how it all first started.  We ran the concrete mixer and poured our first slabs back then. It was the start and tt was a great platform to launch our keen interest in concrete. We were young and when we realized there was so much more that could be done with concrete expanding our education on concrete made so much sense. When we got the better equipment and hired a couple more people we were all set. What really sent us on our way were the great clients we had in the Baton Rouge,  Denham Springs, Zachary, Central, Gonzales, Port Allen or Walker areas. We always were very fortunate to have clients that were appreciative who passed on the word and told their friends what we had to offer such as crack repair and a host of other services. 

When we realized we were going to make it an official business we knew we wanted to up the ante on the entire concrete service industry. We wanted our contractors to be the most impressive concrete contractors that our clients had encountered. With our inspiration being what concrete it self is it was obvious we would be. And we were because like concrete we were durable, strong and long lasting with low maintenance.  Now that we are here we always make sure our equipment is routinely checked and that our contractors are up to date on all safety procedures and policies. Whether we are doing commercial or residential we are ready for any concrete job that Baton Rouge has to offer.


The Concrete Company Baton Rouge