-When constructing any kind of building the foundation will most likely be concrete with a concrete slab. Slabs come in all shapes and sizes. The thing they have in common is that they are often the basis for building foundations and floors. A concrete slab is exactly what it sounds like: a flat cake-like concrete rectangle. Concrete slabs can also be poured to be the driveway, or parking lot. When you get a slab done by us it will be the smoothest sturdiest concrete slab you Baton Rouge.  We take a lot of pride in our slab pours and work carefully so our clients are happy and satisfied with our job.


Hiring us to pour your concrete slab is the best you thing you do for your slab. When we have discussed measurements and locations we will go over a date to get things started. As long as weather is permitting we will begin to set up so the slab is ready to be poured. When the slab is poured we will make sure with our engineering know how and years of experience that your slab is even smooth and strong. In preparation for the actual job we will make sure that your location for the slab is ready. If you are working with other contractors for other parts of the project like bricklayers or septic tank installers we will coordinate with them also.

Pour the Slab

In preparation to pour the slab we assess everything that makes the slab strong. In order to eliminate the possibility of later cracks in the slab we ensure that the soil is surrounding is the right kind of soil. We also make sure that is the slab is suspended it is done so properly.  Then we pour the concrete to make the slab. Efficiently evened out so it can harden to be a strong durable the slab then beings to take shape. Then the slab begins to set and we make sure it sets without cracks but stays strong and together until a dry solid dry thick slab.

Driveway Slab

When you decide to go with concrete for your driveway rather than brick or asphalt you are getting one of the simplest easiest ways to care for your driveway. A concrete slab as your driveway will be extra strong and tough. It will also be durable. Concrete slabs can take all kind of weather and endure a lot from the elements. They are amazingly need very little maintenance. When you go with concrete for your driveway you are saving yourself time and money further down the road. Our contractors pour the concrete slabs for driveways often and are very familiar with making sure the slab is done so artfully and efficiently.


Our contractors know what is like to make all the decisions for your property and then have people come in and take over. The Concrete Company Baton Rouge never tells you what must be done, but listens to you and helps you make decisions by informing you of what is possible and what is not possible.  Each slab job we do is customized to our client’s needs and wants.  We discuss with you what exactly you want for the slab and then when we understand your vision we make sure we can attain it for you. We then get the concrete and pour the slab. With that said, do you know of our paving services?


The Concrete Company Baton Rouge