Have you been daydreaming about that new patio in the backyard? The one where you will host summer dinner parties, and drink lemonade after school with the kids? To get that perfect backyard patio concrete paving can lay down the perfect foundation. Once you have concrete paving slabs in the location you want all you need is your planters and your patio chairs and table. When in need of concrete paving you have come to the right place. Our contractors can do your concrete paving with no problem.

Concrete Pavers Type 1

Paving with concrete is the use of concrete pavers. They are pre-molded from concrete and are shaped into a type of tile. These tiles are usually styled so they look similar or exactly like stone or brick. Sometimes they look just like concrete.  One type of paver is a strong one with girth that lays kind of like brick in that they interlock into each other.  These pavers are frequently used for driveways because they can handle a lot of heavy weight, such as the weight from a car or truck. Keep in mind these pavers are not the only pavers out there.

Concrete Pavers Type 2

There is a second type of paver and it is quite different from the one above. This other type of paver is a little fancier. It tends to be more artfully designed and is used more often for its aesthetic appearance. Called the architectural paver it is thinner then the paver used for driveways, and is the paver used for path and or patios. When deciding what job you are doing you will also determine what kind of paver you should use. Knowing the two kinds are important and helpful. Our contractors are well versed in the pros and cons of both and can help anytime.

Paved vs. Poured

One of the great benefits to concrete paving is that it helps eliminate runoff.  Seeing as the pavers are kind of tiled the spaces in between allow water to seep in between rather than gathering volume and going off just the one edge of a huge concrete slab. Also shifting soil and the cold freeze and thaw of the seasons changing will not impact the pavers. Tree roots also wont effect them the way they would a slab.  This means that the pavers are more flexible and are less likely to crack like a slab would be.

Paving Benefits

Paving your patio or driveway with paved concrete is already sounding like it is more beneficial than a slab.  Pavers have many positive attributes when being used in a patio or driveway. And still there is more. Pavers are also more beneficial in giving more traction. Because joints are used to lie the pavers down the joints end up giving the pavers better footing which in turn helps you receive better footing. They are also generally seen as much more attractive than poured concrete. The look of pavers presents a design of sorts whereas concrete is just poured into the one blob of material. In addition to paving, how can we help you with your concrete structural needs?


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