Commercial & Industrial

Concrete is a very versatile building material with many uses. Concrete can be used for almost anything, from slabs to stamping and from residential patios to commercial and industrial it can do a lot for us. Companies like us that get into the concrete business have to make sure their skills are vast because of just how amazing concrete can really be. Concrete provides us with so much. Commercial and industrial concrete are basically any concrete used to augment compliment or boost any commercial or industrial building. Concrete’s strength and durability help reinforce its many uses.

Commercial and Industrial Concrete

Used in business buildings, malls, restaurants are where you would typically categorize concrete for commercial property. When concrete is used in warehouses or factories it is industrial concrete. Used to make ramps, stairs, driveways and or parking lots for schools concrete becomes the material that we use everywhere but are blind to it because it is so commonplace. Our company sees it though. We have been working in the Baton Rouge area for years and years and we know all the commercial and industrial buildings we have contributed to with our concrete work. These commercial and industrial buildings also know us and always ask us back if they need anything.


The main difference between commercial and industrial concrete from residential concrete is that the jobs tend to be larger.  The great thing about being a company that has been around is that we have grown to be a large company. We have the manpower for big jobs so everything is done safely and quickly. We will never be a man down because we are always staffed accordingly. This assists us in helping your get your work finished so we never let you down. When you hire our contractors for a large commercial job we will no problem have the staff to complete it in the allotted time, and completely it well.


Not only do we the great size in staff but we also have the equipment to make the job happen. Commercial and industrial jobs require a little but more of everything and we have it. Not only do we have it but we keep all of our equipment well up to date to be fully stocked with the best state of the art equipment out there for concrete. We are up to date with equipment for commercial and industrial jobs. When you need professionals you need professional equipment.  Our equipment is as we said state of the art and it gets routinely checked for safety and functioning. That way there is no way we are letting our clients down. The Concrete Company Baton Rouge wants you to be confident in its services.


When you have big jobs you have to big emphasis on safety. Our company has always taken pride in our safety instruction and our safety policy. When our contractors are hired on they go through an extensive training program that emphasis safety even more. Then when they are on the job they are mindful of their safety gear and safety operations. There is a lot of importance on the structure also being safe of course and that is where our engineering background comes into play. We are proud of our safety reputation and intend to make it known by every client that we have.


The Concrete Company Baton Rouge